Rekki – Rules for contests/draw on Facebook or on Instagram


Organizer of the contest/draw

The organizer of the contest/draw is Omnichannel Retail Services Oy (thereinafter Rekki). Facebook/Instagram is not participating or in any way associated with organizing the contest/draw.

Contest time

The contest time begins on Wednesday 11.12.2019 and continues until Sunday 15.12.2019 at 23:59. 

Participation in the contest

One can participate in the contest either on Instagram or on Facebook (or on both). To participate in the contest one must comment on the contest post on Facebook and/or Instagram. Contest posts are published on Wednesday 11.12.2019 on an Instagram account @prelovedbyrekki and on a Facebook page

The contest is open for participation for every permanent resident of Finland or Estonia who is over 18 years old and has followed the official contest rules.

The number of entries per person is not restricted.

Members of Omnichannel Retail Services Oy’s or Rekki Oü’s staff or other representatives are not allowed to join the contest.

Eligibility to participate

The organizer retains all rights to remove such participants from the contest that seek to abuse the contest to alter the results or the odds of the draw. Anyone who has taken part in organizing the contest cannot participate in it.


As a prize each winner (2 pcs.) will get a 30 € gift card (1 piece per person) to Rekki’s online shop. The drawing is carried out within 7 days from the end of the competition period. One winner will be selected among participants on Facebook and one among participants on Instagram.

The organizer of the competition is responsible for the delivery costs of the prizes in Finland or in Estonia and any lottery tax when applicable.

The prize cannot be exchanged or redeemed in cash. Prizes are awarded only to natural people. Business / community involvement is not considered.

The winners will be contacted personally after the draw is carried out. The organizer has a permission to publish names of winners on Rekki’s social media accounts.

In case the organizer does not get in contact with the winner within 14 days of the first contact the right to receive the prize lapses.

The prizes are delivered to winners as soon as possible after the contest period has ended.

The prizes are personal and they cannot be changed, sold, handed over or cashed in. All prize winners, as well as any person taking part in the competition, release the organizer and its partners from all liability for any injury or injury arising out of or in connection with the participation in this competition. Winners will be informed of details of redeeming the prize by email or by private message enabled by the participation channel (Facebook / Instagram) used.

Participants’ information

The organizer does not collect any information about the participants to a separate database. Winners will be identified based on the public information offered by the user profiles on the participation channel.

Technical problems

The organizer is not responsible for any potential technical problems that may occur.

About the rules

The official rules apply to every participant. By participating the contest each participant commit themselves to apply these official rules of the contest and the decisions made by the organizer.

Changes in the rules

Rekki reserves the right to change the contest rules at any time.